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Newly launched Aurora business tackles finding a “found it” feeling

October 31, 2013 James Daigle

2013-10-23-09“My phone is critical and when I go to the park with my kids playing soccer, the most critical point was when I dropped my phone while playing with my son in the field,” says Mr. Daigle. “We were walking home, and I had the transmitter set at 100 feet. I walked away, it started beeping, and I found that ‘found it’ feeling.”

The “MyDaigo” product was initially rolled out by James’ father, who noticed while working out in the fields in Alberta that co-workers were continually losing track of their all-important cell phones and tools. Looking for a way to make this a thing of the past, he started doing research, quickly had the patent process underway, and then it was up to his son to take the ball and run with it.

New tech company, MyDaigo Inc. launches in Aurora

October 31, 2013 James Daigle

MyDaigo aims to solve the all-too-common problem of people losing their valuables by preventing it from happening in the first place.

Comprised of two parts, a transmitter and receiver, MyDaigo works by attaching the discreet transmitter to your valuable and keeping the receiver on your person. If you leave your valuable behind or it is taken by someone, MyDaigo’s receiver will beep, immediately notifying you before it’s too late.

Thanks to everyone at CES International 2013 in Las Vegas

February 01, 2013 James Daigle

MyDaigo Inc. would like to thank everyone who stopped to try out MyDaigo at our booth at The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. The debut of MyDaigo met with overwhelming enthusiasm by the public and industry alike.