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Financial Post Article - 8 holiday gifts for on-the-go technology leaders

December 08, 2015 James Daigle

Mydaigo, $29.99 It’s amazing how often we put things down and absent-mindedly forget about them. This little gadget isn’t quite the equivalent of strings on mittens, but when you attach the transmitter to an object, be it a phone or a backpack, as soon as you’re separated from it by a configurable distance, the receiver fob beeps to let you know. Available online, or at Home Hardware. Click Here to see full article via Financial Post Tech Desk Online  Thanks to Lynn Greiner (Freelance Journalist) 

New tech company, MyDaigo Inc. launches in Aurora

October 31, 2013 James Daigle

MyDaigo aims to solve the all-too-common problem of people losing their valuables by preventing it from happening in the first place.

Comprised of two parts, a transmitter and receiver, MyDaigo works by attaching the discreet transmitter to your valuable and keeping the receiver on your person. If you leave your valuable behind or it is taken by someone, MyDaigo’s receiver will beep, immediately notifying you before it’s too late.