Glace Bay father and son marketing new electronic gadget

October 31, 2013 James Daigle

Published on October 16, 2013
MyDaigo – a take on the last name of Harold and James Daigle – is a patented product that is attached inconspicuously to expensive toys such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

It can also be used to keep tabs on briefcases and purses that contain important information. It works by attaching a transmitter to an object like a laptop while the user keeps hold of its matching receiver, which is the size of a remote car starter. MyDaigo sends out an alert if the item of value is left behind by mistake. The transmitter emits a coded radio frequency signal that can only be detected by the receiver, so it will not interfere with similar devices in the area. Harold Daigle invented the device and his son James Daigle is marketing it from the company office in Aurora, Ont.


 James Daigle said the receiver includes several practical features such as an on/off control, a time delay control and a distance range selection control that allows permissible ranges from 10 to about 120 feet before the alarm begins beeping.

As part of MyDaigo’s official launch on Oct. 4, Daigle also announced a crowd-funding campaign on to raise capital for tooling and regulatory certification.

 Crowd-funding is a relatively new concept developed in the online world where people, businesses or organizations use the collective effort of individuals to pool money together on a crowd-funding website to finance a project that the contributors believe in.

 “Alongside this crowd-funding project the manufacturing has also started,” Daigle, 36, said in a telephone interview from his home in Newmarket, Ont., on Monday.

 “After this process we’ll be focusing on (contacting) distributors, retailers and everybody that we met through the electronics show in Las Vegas when we went there in January.”

 He said the key is to get people to buy into the product. It would sell for about $30 retail, said Daigle, who moved to Halifax from Cape Breton in 2001 to pursue work.

 “It’s a great product from Cape Breton. It’s a great product that I’m bringing out in Ontario here.

 “I’ve been talking to a lot of investors who approve of the concept. It’s about getting enough people onboard because it’s a new idea – that’s the trick of all this – (to) get people to realize it’s a good product and that it works. Then, we plan to have it in stores everywhere.”


More information on the device can be found at