New tech company, MyDaigo Inc. launches in Aurora

October 31, 2013 James Daigle

Mayor Geoffrey Dawe to attend official ribbon-cutting ceremony

October 3, 2013

For Immediate Release-

MyDaigo Inc., a new technology-based company in Aurora, Ontario, is pleased to announce its company launch as well as the launch of its flagship product, MyDaigo on Friday, October 4 at 3:30 p.m. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 16 Industrial Parkway South, attended by Town of Aurora Mayor Geoffrey Dawe and James Daigle, President of MyDaigo Inc.

MyDaigo aims to solve the all-too-common problem of people losing their valuables by preventing it from happening in the first place.

Comprised of two parts, a transmitter and receiver, MyDaigo works by attaching the discreet transmitter to your valuable and keeping the receiver on your person. If you leave your valuable behind or it is taken by someone, MyDaigo’s receiver will beep, immediately notifying you before it’s too late.

“MyDaigo’s transmitter emits a uniquely coded RF (radio frequency) signal that can only be detected by the receiver, so it will not interfere with similar devices in the area”, explains James Daigle. “And unlike other products out there, our patented design doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or an App, so you don’t need to own a smartphone or tablet to enjoy the benefits of using MyDaigo.”

MyDaigo also includes other practical features like a time delay function which temporarily silences the alarm, and a distance range control that allows you to set the permissible ranges from 10 to 100+ feet.

But what if your valuable gets lost anyway? MyDaigo can also help you find it.

“To find a lost item, all you have to do is set the range to progressively shorter distances until your valuable is within 10 feet of you”, says Daigle.

In an effort to bring MyDaigo to the public, Daigle has launched a crowd-funding campaign on to raise capital for tooling and compliance and regulatory certification. Perks for pledging $45 or more to the campaign include a MyDaigo to protect your valuable from loss or theft, as well as a specially designed t-shirt.

“Bringing MyDaigo to the world has been a dream of mine for a long time now”, says Daigle. “And with a successful Kickstarter campaign, we expect to start shipping in December.”

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