Simplified Written Instructions for MYDAIGO (Updated- September 2014)

September 29, 2014 James Daigle


Completely read and fully understand the instructions, disclaimer and the Limits of Liability prior to use. 



POWER ON TRANSMITTER Quickly press and release the button. (Do not hold for more than two seconds or the device will need to be repaired.

POWER ON RECEIVER      Press and hold in the bottom button for three seconds or until you see the LED’s light from left to right.

SET THE ALLOWABLE DISTANCE. The distance can only be set after power is ON. Press and hold the middle button for 2 seconds or until current range LED starts flashing rapidly. Then press and release the middle button to cycle through the available ranges (short, medium or long). Press and hold the middle button again until the flashing stops and desired distance is locked.

ATTACH YOUR TRANSMITTER to the item you wish to protect or to the backplate (included) by peeling off the white paper that is covering the 3M adhesive tape. Carry your receiver with you and it will start to beep when the two are separated beyond the set distance.

POWER OFF TRANSMITTER. Press and hold button until LED flashes rapidly 3 times. Then within 1.5 seconds, release and press the button again quickly to turn power off. (If successfully done, 3 rapid flashes will occur before transmitter turns off and stops flashing completely.)

POWER OFF RECEIVER. Press and hold the bottom and middle buttons at the same time for 3 seconds until the LED’s light from right to left) 

SELECTING THE ALARM SOUND. With the receiver power OFF, press and release the bottom button to cycle through the alert sound options (1 long beep, 3 short beeps or 5 quick beeps.) Once selected, your receiver will automatically select that setting each time you turn on your receiver.

PAIRING THE TRANSMITTER TO THE RECEIVER (Pairing should only have to be done if you remove a battery or if you accidently place either into pairing mode.)

--From the power OFF state ONLY, press and hold the transmitter button for 3 seconds or until a rapid flash of the LED begins. Then keeping the two pieces betweeen 6-12 inches from each other press and hold the bottom and the top buttons on the receiver until the left and right LED’s begin to flash. Give it a few seconds and see that the LED on the transmitter and receiver will now flash at the same time indicating they have been paired.


IMPORTANT NOTE: the adhesive tape used on the transmitter is a standard 3M adhesive tape and is NOT recommended to be attached to delicate materials.

For more detailed instructions which includes video that demonstrates how to replace the battery, please visit www.mydaigo.com or call our toll free customer service at 1-855-993-2443.