Simplified Written Instructions for MYDAIGO (Updated- September 2014)

September 29, 2014 James Daigle

Thanks to user feedback and our goal to provide excellent customer service, we have updated the written operating instructions for setting up and using mydaigo.

Please click view article to read or print your copy of the simplified instructions.


How to use MyDaigo (Video Instructions Only)

April 14, 2014 James Daigle

Video Instructions Only.

How to use MyDaigo (Written & Video Instructions) -- Longer more detailed written version

March 20, 2014 James Daigle

Follow these four easy steps to begin protecting your valuables with your newly purchased MyDaigo.

(Instructions include written and video demos as well as useful tips and tricks such as setting the allowable distance, replacing the battery and re-pairing your transmitter and receiver together)

Step 1 Turn the power of the transmitter on by pressing....